Get them !!!

How have rainbow tables
How to choose and recover rainbow tables ?

The rainbow tables are completely free. They are freeware and can not be sold. The size of the rainbow tables that you need varies greatly and can exceed several Tb. Because of this, we need to pay large servers with large disk capacities and large bandwith. The first solution for you to obtain rainbow tables are to download it. By return we ask a small participatory support to rent servers.

The second solution is to buy a SATA 3 1/2 inches hard disk and we will copy the rainbow tables on it for free. So you only pay the hard drive and the shipping costs.

By Download...
Download rainbow tables
The first option : Download them !

You can download rainbow tables that you want by using SFTP/SSH client (like Free Filezilla). You have a little documentation

who help you to implement the access to our SFTP servers. Just buy an instant access by specify the opening time that

you want . Don't forget to specify your email address to receive the access credentials.

By Hard-Drive...
Download rainbow tables
The second option : Buy Hard Drives

You can buy 3 inches 1/2 hard drives with all rainbow tables that you want. Calculate the sizes of the rainbow tables that you want

and buy hard drives with the same size (If you need 6TB of rainbow tables, buy an 4TB and an 2TB).

Don't forget to specify your postal address to correct worldwide shipping.

  • 2TB Internal Hard Disk (SATA/3.5 Inch) : 99 / $99

  • 4TB Internal Hard Disk (SATA/3.5 Inch) : 149 / $149